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The purpose of this tool is to demonstrate the effect of PID gains on positioning system performance. Click EXAMPLE, RUN, change parameters, click RUN and observe the response.

stage parameters controller parameters
moving mass M Kg proportional gain Kp A/ m
stiffness K N/m derivative gain Kd A/(m/s)
damping coefficient B N/(m/s) integral gain Ki A/(m*s)
motor constant Kf N/A set point step Xr m
stage characteristics filter characteristics
natural frequency fn Hz integral corner fi Hz
damping coefficient z - derivative corner fd Hz
     max current (A)       max jerk (m/s^3)                time interval (sec)   2 max   settling window (um) 
     max power (W)      max acceleration (m/s^2)   max vel (m/s)             settling time (msec)   
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